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The waterfront is the heart of Amherstburg and one of the main attractions for enjoyment by residents and tourists. I will support continued investment on the waterfront, including the re-development of the old Duffy’s property, for the enjoyment of residents and visitors, with on-going community consultation.



The downtown has received a lot of infrastructure improvement funding however there are other parts of Amherstburg that need attention. I will support infrastructure improvements that are necessary for all parts of Amherstburg and will look for ways to prioritize these improvements.



Amherstburg debt remains high. I will support efforts to reduce the debt and to seek budgetary savings where possible, without sacrificing the services that so many of us depend on.

Belle Vue


Belle Vue is a designated national historic site and adds to the rich heritage of our community. I will look for ways to mitigate the amount of taxpayer money that is needed to restore Belle Vue and try to leverage provincial and federal grant money to restore Belle Vue.



Resident consultation committees have been eliminated. This is the wrong way to go. We need more consultation with residents, not less. I will support the creation of consultation committees that invite input from residents, while maintaining that the final decision-making authority remain in the hands of the elected Council.



I strongly opposed giving away authority over our police and spoke out at many public meetings. Going forward, council needs to respect the wishes of residents when it comes to matters such as policing.

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  • Rebecca Welbourn