My Pledge to Amherstburg


In 2018, I promised the residents of Amherstburg that I would put their interests first. I am again asking for your support. Here is my pledge to you: 

  • I will continue to show up prepared for council meetings and will continue to base my decisions on facts and not emotion;

  • I will continue to promote the benefits of the community to attract new businesses and investments;

  • I will continue to be a champion for Amherstburg and promote the residents and businesses;

  • I will continue to work towards completion of projects;

  • I will continue to speak with residents to understand their concerns;

  • I will continue to work with the Senior Management Team, and all staff, to better the community for all;

  • I will continue to review and scrutinize budgets to ensure a strong stable community.

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  • Rebecca Welbourn